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Share your information in one click!

Exclusive designs

Discover our designs!

Endless possibilities for use

Unlimited use and suitable for all situations!

Kriptl allows you to share your social networks, contact card, links, streaming platforms, payment links and much more in one secure and instant way!

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Kriptl features

Created and developed in France

No application needed

People you meet do not need to have a Kriptl or an app in order to access your profile.

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Edit your profile quickly

Easily set up and edit the different links you want to share with your Kriptl.


You will not be asked for any password or data about your personal details in order to link your information with Kriptl.

Instant Sharing

Instantly share your social media, contact card, links, streaming platforms and payment links.

Apple & Android

The Kriptl application is compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones.


Your Kriptl is secure, waterproof, shockproof, scratchproof and will work for an unlimited time.

Create a surprise every time you share your information.

Get in touch quickly

Share securely in one click

Make your encounters unforgettable

New Kriptl

Kriptl regularly offers new designs.

Kriptl revolutionises digital sharing

Share without limits

Share your digital profiles and links

Use for all applications.

Secure, resistant and waterproof


How to set up my Kritpl?

It’s very easily, simply download the application and follow the instructions. Your profile is set up in 3 steps.

How to share my information?

The person you want to share your information with does not need to have Kriptl to receive your information.

Can I choose what I want to share?

Yes, you choose the link(s) you want to share. It is also very easy to activate or deactivate Kriptl with the On/Off mode.

Is my smartphone compatible?

All Apple and Android smartphones are compatible. You can also find this list on our dedicated page.

Secured payment

Payments are secured and managed by Stripe. No payment data is recorded by Kriptl.

Customer service in France

Our team is based in France and is available to answer your questions by email or telephone.

Client Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied with our product, you have 14 days after receipt of the product to return it and receive a refund.

Free shipping

Your Kriptl order will be delivered free of charge and shipped within 24h/48h.



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